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Look at What We Can Build When We Work Together!


  • It's all about (quick, quick) collaboration.
  • Wiki as Whiteboard.
  • Hacking Wikipedia



Wikis I've Made



Other Wikis in Education



A Few Other Major Educational Wiki Projects ...



Learn More About Wikis




Free Wiki Hosts


  • PB Wiki, as "easy as making a peanut butter sandwich."
  • Wikispaces. They have a very cool blog integration tool.
  • XWiki.com, has some cool tools integrated like a blog, a presentaion tool and a calendar tool. Also has excellent RSS support (mind you, most other wikis do too.)
  • Schtuff.com has a few really nice features like tagging, custom permissions, and an image gallery.
  • Seedwiki, you don't need to know HTML or to memorize special wiki codes for formatting your pages. If you can create documents in Word you can create pages here.


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Darren KuropatwaMarch 17, 200611 min. 18 sec.Link

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