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What you imagine it looks like ...


... but it feels like this!


What is a Podcast?

  • Do I need to have an iPod?
  • Content to go
  • The three steps...


1 - record

2 - edit(?)

3 - publish

3a - The advice I gave my students About Podcasting.


The Tools


Using Podcasting for Critical Thinking in Education

iTunes or Bloglinesfield trips (John Evans does this)
ESL and other languages (like Mandarin)ESL and other languages
professional developmentprofessional development


  • Subscribe, Create, Subscribe
  • Conferences .... teachers teaching teachers
  • An idea I came up with: Podcapsules
Pre-Cal 20S Message in a Podcast - 10 min. 31 sec. Posted: January 28, 2006
Pre-Cal 30S Message in a Podcast - 4 min 26 sec. Posted: January 28, 2006
Pre-Cal 40S Message in a Podcast - 8 min 52 sec. Posted: June 16, 2006
Applied Math 40S Message in a Podcast - 5 min 52 sec. Posted: June 16, 2006


Ask a Ninja

Special Delivery 1: What is Podcasting? in under two minutes!


Learn More About Podcasting



Audio Files (Open links in a new window)

PresenterPresented OnTimeLink to AudioArchived PresentationVenue
Darren KuropatwaMarch 17, 200614 min. 16 sec.Link03.17.06 PresentationDMCI
Darren KuropatwaJuly 18, 200612 min. 29 sec.LinkCurrent PageBLC 2006

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