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Welcome to Whiplash!

(This might hurt.)


This will be a lightening fast introduction to a selection of powerful online tools that teachers and students can use in and out of the classroom.


I will discuss some powerful uses of one tool in 10 minutes. When the alarm goes off I'll stop and move on to the next tool. When we're all done you'll probably have Whiplash! You'll have the next hour to recover with some self-directed and guided exploration into the tool(s) that most interests you.


The audio from this workshop will be recorded and uploaded to this wiki as a series of 10 minute podcasts -- one for each tool we discussed. Look at the bottom of each page for links to the audio.



What are you most interested in learning about today?

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Other Cool Online Tools


Audio Files (Open links in a new window)

PresenterPresented OnTimeLink to AudioArchived PresentationVenueThe Cast
Darren KuropatwaMarch 17, 20064 min. 0 sec.Link03.17.06 PresentationDMCIChicken Timer
Darren KuropatwaJuly 18, 20065 min. 40 sec.LinkCurrent PageBLC 2006Aubergine Timer


Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 9:13 pm on Mar 15, 2006

This might be obvious but there's no blog page? Is that a given?

Anonymous said

at 10:29 pm on Mar 15, 2006

No, it's just that on Friday (March 17, 2006) I'm doing a blogshop in the morning. Whiplash! is in the afternoon and it's focus is on the tools surrounding blogging. I think it would be very appropriate for someone to generate a blogging page. I suppose if no one does I'll get around to it eventually. ;-)

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