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Flickr Tools (mashups)


Spell with Flickr


The world is your canvas with geoGreeting!



Flickr Font (Another "spell with Flickr" mashup)


Flickr Colr Pickr (Just very cool. Find the right images for projects or presentations.)


Flickr Lilli (A cc search engine.)


Flickr Leech (Another convenient Flickr search tool.)


Fastr (Critical thinking, spelling, typing, fun!)



Flickr Graph (Social network visualization -- very cool.)


Mappr (Do you teach geography?)


Flickr Sudoku Warning: Author leads an alternative lifestyle.


fd's Flickr Toys group (Nice collection of Flickr tools for the classroom.)


Terry Freedman is reviewing each of the Flickr Toys for educational uses on his blog. Here is his review of the Calendar Maker.


See how Lani Ritter-Hall (a retired teacher turned curriculum developer from Ohio) used some of the Flicker Toys as a mentor for my students on our AP Calculus AB class blog.


The Great Flickr Tools COllection (All the flickr mashups in one convenient place. Updated regularly.)

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